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The Ideal Shipping Platform for Parcel Cost Control.

Optimize your financial oversight with ShipScience, a platform that delivers meticulous parcel billing invoice audit and automated claims management, including automatic reconciliation to close the loop with your finance team. We empower finance leaders to enhance financial accuracy, reduce costs, and ensure compliance in parcel shipping.

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Parcel Cost Accounting, Simplified.

Package-level cost reporting across all carriers with easy export into your ERP or finance system.

Managing shipping costs is crucial for maintaining a healthy bottom line. Our platform provides finance leaders with unparalleled visibility and control over their parcel shipping expenses, ensuring every dollar is accounted for and optimized.

Detailed Parcel Audit Solutions

Our platform rigorously reviews each invoice against your carrier agreements to uncover up to 55 potential package-level charge errors, such as overcharges and erroneous billings, ensuring you pay only for services accurately rendered.

GL-Coding and Cost Allocation

Automate the process of general ledger coding on even the most complex of parcel carrier accounts. We sync reference fields accurately so you don’t have to worry about manual reconciliation, saving you time and saving your company money more efficiently.

Strategic Expense Management

Our expert team supports you in managing and negotiating carrier rates, helping you secure optimal terms that reflect your shipping volumes and needs. This strategic approach not only cuts costs but also maximizes your budget efficiency and keeps your costs predictable.

Invoice Consolidation

Find and view all invoices across all carriers within the ShipScience platform. No need to reset passwords for a carrier login you forgot about or manually export data from one system to the other. 


Advanced Features to Control One of Your Top Costs.

AI-Powered Financial Insights.

Use our AI-driven chatbot for deep financial insights and analytics. Our intelligent systems provide real-time data on shipping costs, trends, and anomalies, enabling proactive financial management and decision-making.

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Quantify Potential Savings.

Our platform alerts you to potential financial issues before they escalate, from unexpected surges in shipping costs to potential compliance risks. These alerts help safeguard your company’s financial health and operational integrity.

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Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities.

Access customized financial reports that provide a clear view of your shipping expenditures, categorized by carrier, service type, and cost center. These insights are vital for accurate budgeting and forecasting.

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Seamless Integration, Immediate Results.

Effortless System Integration

Easily integrate ShipScience with your existing financial systems and ERP software to maintain a cohesive financial landscape. Our compatibility with major platforms ensures a smooth workflow and centralized data management.

Actionable Cost-Saving Recommendations

Our analytics go beyond tracking to offer recommendations for reducing costs and improving service agreements. Implement these strategies to see immediate savings and continuous improvements in financial performance.

Reliable Support from Financial Shipping Experts

Partner with a team that understands the financial intricacies of shipping logistics. Our experts are here to assist you in navigating complex financial challenges, ensuring clarity and compliance in every transaction.

“The savings we've realized since partnering with ShipScience have been substantial. The financial benefits alone have been massive. It’s incredible to see such significant savings that directly enhance our profitability at Purple Carrot.”

Nihal, Purple Carrot

Take Control of Your Shipping Costs.

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