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Go beyond late shipment refunds with ShipScience’s comprehensive approach to parcel audit and recovery. We meticulously address rate discrepancies, billing errors, and more — ensuring you reclaim every dollar owed.

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Redefining Parcel Audit & Recovery.

In the intricate world of parcel shipping, overlooked billing errors and rate discrepancies can drain your resources significantly. ShipScience's Parcel Audit & Recovery service meticulously examines every aspect of your shipping expenses to ensure you're billed correctly and fairly.

Broad Spectrum Auditing

Unlock savings across all fronts, from rate validation and billing error detection to addressing operational inefficiencies.

Proactive Recovery Efforts

We don't just identify discrepancies; we actively recover owed amounts, advocating on your behalf to ensure maximum savings.

Insightful Operational Improvements

Leverage our findings for more than recovery—use them to enhance your shipping operations and prevent future losses.


Unlock Every Dollar: Beyond Standard Audits.

Rate Validation

Ensure you're only paying what you agreed to. We meticulously scrutinize your invoices against contractual rates, reclaiming any overcharges.

This diligent process not only recovers lost funds but also enforces accountability with your carriers, ensuring ongoing compliance and accuracy in billing.

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Billing Error Correction

Identify and rectify billing inaccuracies, from duplicate charges to incorrect weight classifications, safeguarding your finances.

Our comprehensive checks minimize the risk of paying for errors and help maintain the integrity of your financial operations, ultimately improving your bottom line.

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Operational Oversights

Our experts analyze your shipping operations, pinpointing inefficiencies and recommending cost-effective improvements.

By understanding the nuances of your logistic processes, we can suggest targeted changes that reduce costs and enhance service delivery, leading to more streamlined operations and increased customer satisfaction.

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how it works

Effortless Recovery in Three Steps.

From e-commerce startups to global enterprises, businesses of all sizes have transformed their bottom lines with ShipScience. Discover their stories of significant savings and operational enhancements.

Connect Your Data

Start by integrating your shipping data. Our platform supports a seamless connection, laying the groundwork for comprehensive audits.

Comprehensive Audit

Our system, powered by advanced algorithms and overseen by experts, thoroughly examines your shipments to identify recoverable charges and operational improvements.

Maximize Recovery

Following identification, we initiate the recovery process, handling all necessary communications and paperwork on your behalf, ensuring you receive every dollar you’re due.

“When ShipScience approached us with a strategy to optimize our shipping expenses, it was an immediate yes from us. The impact was substantial, saving us over 60% on air freight alone, which significantly reduced our third highest business expense. Partnering with ShipScience not only simplified the complex world of carrier billing but also supported our growth trajectory as we expand our e-commerce operations.”

Eric Hutzler, Read's Uniform

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