CARRIER rate improvement

Parcel Shipping Rates You Can’t Find Anywhere Else.

Tap into our team of parcel shipping experts armed with billions of data points to help you understand exactly how much you could save on parcel shipping with pinpoint accuracy. Then get the exact carrier playbook you need to lock in new rates, saving you tons of money off your parcel invoices well within the first 90 days.

And yes, these rates are better than what you can get with a 3PL or label generator. Plus, you own them.

Optimize your rates today

Because Outsourcing Your Rates Won’t Save You.

You Need Custom Rates to Match Your Business Needs

Most e-commerce and retail companies use third-party logistics or label generation platforms, assuming favorable rates. The reality is that they aren’t — and they’re making money from you in the process. Get a personalized carrier strategy instead because your shipping rates should reflect your business's unique aspects.

You Can’t Do This Yourself

Carrier agreements are dozens of pages long and have hundreds of negotiable terms. Deciding on the right mix of rates to suit your business and then maintaining those rates over time with rate increases throughout the year is a full-time job. Tap into our team of experts, backed by industry-leading software and billions of dollars in comparable shipping spend, to know exactly when and how much you need to pivot your carrier rates.

You’ll See an ROI in Less than 90 Days

The journey to better rates is a thorough one, but we get you results in less than three months. However, your time investment is minimal—usually less than 10 hours. ShipScience handles the bulk of the work, from data analysis to negotiation and ongoing rate optimization.

Integrates with popular carriers

World-Class Data Analysis, Inside Expert Carrier Playbooks, and Holistic Parcel Strategy.

Data-Driven to a Tee.

Avoid consultants who negotiate rates over gut feel; tap into our data analysts who run your parcel shipping actuals against a massive database built on billions of dollars in shipping spend. You’ll get a laser-sharp prescriptive shipping analysis down to every last accessorial.

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Step-by-Step Guided Playbooks.

While you handle the face-to-face carrier interactions, we’re sitting alongside you every step of the way, providing you with exactly what to say and when. Built from our internal experts who’ve worked in the industry for decades, we’ll give you the perfect blend of strings to pull to get the rates your business deserves. 

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Proactive Parcel Strategy, Forever.

We’re in it with you for the long haul, monitoring your shipping data and identifying anomalies or opportunities for additional negotiation along the way. We also partner with customers on carrier mix strategy and new carrier onboarding — including all possible carriers on the market.

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how it works

Start the Savings Process in Three Simple Steps.

From e-commerce startups to global enterprises, businesses of all sizes have transformed their bottom lines with ShipScience. Discover their stories of significant savings and operational enhancements.

Connect Your Data

Securely integrate your carrier accounts and shipping data with our platform.

Analyze & Strategize

Our experts analyze your data to identify savings opportunities and develop a custom negotiation playbook.

Negotiate & Save

Armed with your personalized negotiation playbook, engage with your carriers to secure more competitive rates — with results in less than 90 days.

Ready to Unlock Savings in Your Carrier Contracts?

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