Shipping analytics

A Parcel Dashboard That Paints the Whole Picture.

Step into the control room of your parcel operations with our analytics and insights. Here, every data point is a guidepost to smarter decisions, clearer strategy, and substantial savings.

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Parcel BI with 100% visibility, accuracy, and depth.

Empower your logistics with unmatched insights. Our platform elevates your operational command, transforming complex data into clear, actionable intelligence.

All-in-One Dashboard

Centralize your logistics data for decision-makers. Cut through the noise with our elegantly designed interface.

Actionable Insights

Our dashboard goes beyond simple reporting. Each insight is paired with clear, actionable advice, paving the way for tangible improvements.

In-Depth Analysis

From broad overviews to minute details, our platform reveals the true story behind your shipping operations.

Integrates with popular carriers

Optimize Every Aspect of Your Parcel Shipping.

Integrated Carrier Performance

Gain a comprehensive view of all your carriers' performances through a single dashboard, eliminating the need to juggle multiple platforms.

This centralized approach simplifies your logistics operations, enhances decision-making, and ensures you maintain high performance standards across all shipping activities.

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Custom Reporting

Create reports tailored to your operational needs with our advanced custom reporting tools.

Dive into detailed analytics to reveal strategic opportunities, streamline processes, and advance your logistics strategy with data-driven insights and precision.

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Proactive Alerts

Stay ahead of potential issues with proactive alerts designed to inform you of anomalies and opportunities.

Our system keeps a vigilant watch on your logistics operations, empowering you to make quick, effective decisions that enhance efficiency and strategic alignment.

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How it works

Data-Driven Excellence in Three Steps.

Easy Integration

Begin with seamless data integration. Connect to your billing center, via EDI, SFTP file drop or our API for all your national and regional carriers.

Tailor-Made Insights

Unlock the full potential of custom reporting. Focus on what's crucial to your business, with analytics designed around your goals.

Strategic Action

Armed with in-depth analysis, make informed decisions that reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and redefine your shipping strategy.

“The ShipScience team has been a significant asset to Soundproof Cow. The innovative technology and user-friendly portal have been integral to monitoring our shipping charges. Their customer support and diligent auditing processes have yielded significant savings. Working with a team that truly cares about developing new solutions and improving the client experience is refreshing.”

Drew, Soundproof Cow

Gain Total Control Over Your Shipping Data.

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