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Stop Losing Money on Bad Shipping Data.

Transform your parcel shipping strategy with our data-driven shipping intelligence platform that puts you back in control of your logistics decisions and spend.

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Some of the world’s best brands love ShipScience.

Parcel shipping shouldn’t feel like a black hole.

ShipScience simplifies your logistics, turning shipping chaos into strategic advantage. With our platform, gain clarity on costs, ensure carrier accountability, and unlock hidden savings.

Simplify Complex Billing

Ensure accurate invoicing and recover overcharges easily with ShipScience's advanced rate validation and billing error detection capabilities.

Monitor Carrier Performance Reliably

Evaluate and compare carrier performance metrics to ensure your delivery standards are met and to hold carriers accountable with ShipScience’s comprehensive tools.

Enhance Decision-Making with Actionable Insights

Turn data into strategy with ShipScience's analytics—pinpoint opportunities for cost savings and make smarter, more informed shipping decisions.

Get 100% control over your parcel shipping.

Our platform aggregates your shipping data, offering unprecedented insights into carrier performance, cost-saving opportunities, and operational improvements. With ShipScience, expect to slash your shipping costs by over 25%, enhance delivery reliability, and exceed customer expectations.

Parcel Data Dashboard

All of your shipping data now in one place.

Smart Insights

Actionable, clear recommendations tailored for your business.

Carrier Performance

Monitor your carriers with unmatched accuracy.

Parcel Audit

Comprehensive oversight into rates, billing errors, and operational efficiencies.

Custom Reporting & Claim Management

Tailored insights and streamlined claim processes for your peace of mind.

Revolutionize your parcel shipping strategy.

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