Turn Claims into Gains.

Automate and recover millions in lost parcel revenue effortlessly.

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The Only Claims Tool Guaranteed to Recover Every Dollar.

ShipScience revolutionizes how businesses handle lost, damaged, and late parcels. Our platform automates and simplifies the process, ensuring you recover what’s rightfully yours, minus the hassle.

Maximize Recoveries

Automatically identify and claim every opportunity for cost recovery.

Streamline Workflows

Transform time-consuming manual processes into efficient, automated operations.

Gain Complete Visibility

Keep track of every claim with clear, actionable insights at your fingertips, all the way through to finance reconciliation.


Recover More, Work Less.

Automated Claim Audits

Automate the auditing of your carrier accounts to ensure no entitled recovery goes unnoticed.

Our system rapidly identifies discrepancies in shipments and charges, helping you claim every dollar you're entitled to.

This maximizes recoveries and significantly reduces the effort typically required in manual auditing processes.

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Documentation Automation

Streamline your claims process with our documentation automation feature.

Automatically generate 'proof of value' and other essential documentation needed for claims, effortlessly.

This automation ensures that your documents are accurate and readily available, speeding up the claims process and reducing manual errors.

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Insightful Reporting

Empower your strategic decision-making with customizable reports that provide deep insights into your shipping operations.

Our reporting tools allow you to tailor data presentation to your specific needs, offering clear visibility into performance metrics, cost savings opportunities, and operational efficiencies.

Utilize these insights to make informed decisions that propel your business forward.

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Beyond Automation

Personalized Support Every Step of the Way.

Connect Your Data

Start with simplicity. Integrate your shipping accounts for a unified operations overview, with our team ready to assist.

Audit & Identify

Our platform, enhanced by our team's expertise, efficiently flags potential claims, ensuring thoroughness and accuracy.

Recover & Save

ShipScience isn't just software; we're your proactive partner in maximizing recovery, handling carrier communications, and managing all follow-ups for you.

Ongoing Optimization

The support continues with data analysis for trend identification, providing insights for future prevention and strategic improvements to reduce costs.

“The ShipScience team has been a significant asset to Soundproof Cow. The innovative technology and user-friendly portal have been integral to monitoring our shipping charges. Their customer support and diligent auditing processes have yielded significant savings. Working with a team that truly cares about developing new solutions and improving the client experience is refreshing.”

Drew, Soundproof Cow

Don’t Miss Out on Recoverable Funds.

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